My Favourite photos


From my photo shoot I decided on a certain amount of images to print out in A4 and mount a black card so I can present my sculpture in a professional setting. I chose 8 that are different from each shot from different angles to close-ups.  areas that I admired the most on my sculpture which is the neckline with the cut out heart book pages and the train with paper swans. I thought that these areas showed a lot of romance and put the dress sculpture looking more dramatic as a costume. I decided to go with a big skirt that flowed down with a train at the back and a sweetheart neckline with cute ruffles on the shoulders to represent the 1860’s – 1870’s period because Anna Karenina and Gone with the wind where my two biggest inspirations of this sculpture because their costumes have so much depth, detail, romance and beauty which I adore about the films. I explain in more detail the changes I have made to the dress and how it has evolved in many ways with different materials that all associate with being white, innocent, pure and delicate themed.




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