I started looking at costumes in films because costume design has been a passion of mine for a long time and I wanted to do my final project on that. The theme was a series of romantic genre films on their costumes and taken for the inspiration for my sculpture. Taking my two favourite areas of art with fashion and 3D as I love working practically and I had also related my work to romanticism as it had a big element on the final project as it is relevant to the costumes and the films I had researched.

Although when I had written my proposal I had changed my mind on many things throughout the project. I didn’t really do much work on the Time based/IT elements as most of my work was practical and not digital. I had also changed my idea on the two films as I wanted to research more films and different costumes as I thought ‘Anna Karenina’ and ‘Gone with the wind’ were quite broad whereas if I had considered more films and their costume designers and the differences with them I could have more inspiration on what I could create which helped a lot in the end. I always had the focus on creating a sculpture and that was never questioned but I wanted to involve fashion into that which was difficult to display because creating a sculpture but also including textiles was hard for me to convey. But from my proposal I had suggested to make a lot of different sculptures and time was a problem but I think if I had done more sculptures they wouldn’t all be at the highest rate of detail than my final sculpture in the end.

I had looked at a range of artists and the costume designers of the favourite films I had chosen. I had used my blog to talk about all my research and record any digital work mainly, researching these artists such as Adrienne Jalbert, Iris Van herpen and Carrie Ann Schumacher and many more, inspired my sculpture work a lot and made me constantly focus on what I can convey on this piece and make sure that each area blends well and relates to the theme. I experimented with many materials and how to manipulate them and I had my mind set on focusing on the colour white as it is a colour that could never look too overwhelming and intense an narrowing it down to one was easier for me. I had manipulated these materials by burning, cutting, folding, wrapping, and weaving just to portray different elements on the dress that could relate to costumes and romanticism. Many techniques that I used were learnt through textiles and 3D, developed through trial and error. I had explored textiles a lot more further as my sculpture surrounded around it with using different fabrics and recycled materials to create something that can represent romance and beauty with such bland colourless materials.

My final piece has consisted of many elements that I have learnt throughout the course. At first, I had focused on the silhouette by creating the shape with wire by tracing the mannequins body and creating hoops for the bottom. I wrapped the skirt in a plastic black netting and then started to look at different materials that I could find in my house or college and asking my peers for anything transparent or some form of white that they didn’t need. This thought process went into a lot of detail with plastic spoons to wool to different shades of white buttons. I knew that I wanted the skirt to be a mesh of different areas that I thought would look good and relate to the films as much as possible and work with different textures and fabrics to show versatility. I worked with many materials with shades of white and transparent materials such as; Bin liners, leather, cotton, wool, paper, plastic, and used a range of techniques to connect to the dramatic, romanticism and beauty of costume in films that are just like that. The message I wanted to convey in this sculpture is that I am passionate about costumes and the stories that they tell, I have worked with many elements in this dress to show that it can speak for itself on what it’s about. I think I was successful in conveying that message because It is a dress as much as it’s a sculpture and I know that I have shown what I am passionate about and expressed my theme in every possible way.

I am happy with my final piece because I have worked hard to achieve what I wanted to from the start of the project and I think that I have explored costume design in a way that has never been done before and used both fashion and sculpture to do that. My favourite parts of the sculpture are the silhouette and the romantic details that I believe express what romance and beauty can look like which shows the sculpture dress has a wedding look to it from the stitched flowers and paper swans, those details are my favourite part of the dress. When it was closer to the end of the project I began to look at what I could improve or what I could have done better, which I think everyone goes through and because of the time frame I didn’t get a chance to make these improvements.

There wasn’t many improvements that I wanted to do, just the weaved bin liners I didn’t like and I think because it was at the front of the dress it was very important and I wish I could have made a better, clean woven area. I think I could have done without some of the plastic materials I used because it didn’t relate much to the films or romanticism at all but I thought using plastic was a good material for everything being white was mainly plastic. Also, I would have wanted to put more relation to each area of the films I had researched but I focused mainly on Gone with the wind and Anna Karenina because it was my favourite kind of costume as it was dramatic and said so much about the story and the character who was wearing it which what I was passionate about from the start.

My Proposal has kept the same in terms of my initial outcome even without the improvements I still had managed to create a sculpture and focus on costume design through films which was my main theme. I think my sculpture dress relates really well to that even though I had looked into different areas in costumes with more films and hadn’t created or associated my final piece around using Time based/IT but I think my proposal steered me into the right direction of what my theme will be and what it will be about and I am glad to have chosen an area in which I admire greatly and I am proud of my final outcome.


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